Ladies eye print loose T-shirt designer - Neojana
  Ladies eye print loose T-shirt designer - Neojana

Ladies eye print loose T-shirt designer

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Weight: 207g
Product Name Ladies eye print loose T-shirt designer
SPU 10052380
Gender Women
Occasion Casual
Material Purified cotton
Please Note: All dimensions are measured manually with a deviation of 1 to 3CM     
Size Bust Length
cm inch cm inch
S 114 45 75 30
M 118 46 76 30
L 122 48 77 30
XL 128 50 78 31
2XL 134 53 79 31
3XL 140 55 80 31



1.Why do I see many ads on facebook that are the same as these clothes? Are they the same quality?
As an honest merchant, we are concerned that this situation does exist. Like many small and medium advertisers, we promote our stores and products through FB. We have our own factory to produce clothes, most of them are use cotton. We are not sure if the quality of these clothes sold by other merchants who use similar advertising materials is excellent. We have won profit can only be realized by the customer’s single purchase of 2 clothes or more.

2.Can I really get refund protection for my shopping? When I browsed the advertisement on FB, I found a product that I am interested in. How can I avoid harm to consumer rights?
We have found that customers have very different views on the impression of businesses or brands that promote products on FB. As a small business, we are a link in this chain, and we are also consumers. What can be confirmed is that in the past year, FB has paid great attention to the interactive behavior of users with respect to advertising posts, and their advertising policy has been very quick and severe in penalizing customers for negative feedback. At the same time, PayPal is the main method for merchants to collect payments. If the merchant does not find the true logistics information of the tracking order number within 14 days after the payment is successfully received, the full amount of shopping money will be returned to the customer immediately. If a merchant’s PayPal account has a customer dispute and exceeds 5%, PayPal will immediately shut down the service and freeze funds for 180 days. We are committed to providing customers with excellent after-sales service. Our customer service team is always online. We sell high-quality products. Please do not hesitate to contact us no matter what the situation is.

3.Did you ship in time? Can I expect when I receive the package?
Yes, you can see the expected delivery time when you select the shipping method on the checkout page. This is the time that our logistics company cooperates with through hundreds of thousands of packages. You can track the status of the package within 3-5 days after you get the tracking number.

Special Note:
As the world situation continues to evolve, we are sorry to inform you that the delivery time will increase. Please expect additional time for us to delivery your order and we promise you will get your order as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your patience is highly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.We would love to hear from you,

Email: [email protected]

Address:  Room 9, F5, Building5, 112 JinYang Road, QingYang District,  ChengDu, P.R.C
(This  is NOT  a returing  address)

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Nice! Satisfied with everyone!

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J. K. Patton

Lovv them! I got this oversized tee for the gym.


 I use this for pajamas and I love all the fun prints

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Super cute, thought it was like a rustic look but it’s just black. But still love it and still super cute

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I ordered a large because I like my t-shirts a bit larger than normal. It’s a nice shirt and a like it~

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